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Campag shifter cables

croggycroggy Posts: 116
edited July 2010 in Road buying advice
I recently bought some new Campag Veloce shifters from Evans.The instructions say the cables are included but there wasn't any in the box.I took them back and got some more but again no cables were included.Have campag stopped supplying cables with their shifters?


  • tenortenor Posts: 278
    Cables should be supplied unless stated otherwise. Speak to Evans.
  • dreamlx10dreamlx10 Posts: 235
    wasn't any in the box

    You mean "were not any" obviously ?
  • croggycroggy Posts: 116
    @tenor. The Evans staff were very helpful and offered to swap the shifters for some more they had in stock.However,when they opened the box there wasn't any cables in that box either so they gave me a refund.
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