Improving Basic Techniques

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I'd like to improve my road riding techniques. Of course, I devour all the advice published here, :) but some hands-on guidance would be good too. Unfortunately work and family commitments mean I don't have the time to dedicate to a local club, but I know there are 1-2 day courses available for mountain bikers who want to improve. Is there anything similar for road riders?

I'm not seeking to train to be a top-notch rider, but rather to make sure that my basics (riding techniques, cornering, climbing, descending etc.) are OK.

I'm happy to travel to something suitable, so location isn't desperately important.

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    If you can't join a club, you may be able to find a local ride 'buddy' to help you - show you a few routes and just by following a more experienced rider, you'll soon learn how to handle a bike, particularly following someone quicker.
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