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Hi, a couple of years ago my carbon frame (Kinesis KR810) was blown over and its topetube hit a bolt sticking out of a post, resulting in the lacquer chipping off in a couple of places (2 x 1cm circles), and a nasty gouge about a millimiter deep and 1 cm long out of the carbon itself. I almost cried. (sorry have no photos)

I've done a few thousand miles on it since, and it was hidden under a sticker. So figure it's pretty safe, just cosmetic damage.

This week I filled the damage with araldite and sanded smooth with fine sand paper. (along with a couple of minor lacquer chips on the chainstay)

All it needs now is a clear lacquer and/or buff-up with some polish.

Any ideas what to use for this for a reasonable home job? I've heard of people suggesting clear nail varnish/some type of airfix model stuff, but I imagine that'll look like a big dollop when set... will I need to apply several layers of the lacquer between very fine 'wet and drying' ?
Then, apply some normal car wax - like turtle wax?

Any suggestions welcome.


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    hi -build whipping varnish from a fishing tackle shop :wink:

    make sure it's the hi - build though as ordinary varnish isn't thick enough and will colour slightly.

    build up the finish above the original then after the wet and dry you can get a very smooth finish using brasso (rub gently or you'll go through the original finish)