cinelli xperience 2007 bike

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recently bought a cinelli xperience 2007 bike and my overall first impressions are good. Bit of a rough ride when the road is bumpy.

Has anyone here have/ tried one and can tell me your opinions about it. Good beginners road bike? Not much info/ reviews on the web when I was doing some research before buying.


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    Well, typically you would post this question BEFORE buying the bike, but I'll chime in anyway since I own an Xperience.

    Bottom line: you just bought a great bike. However, you're right, it's not built for long-distance comfort. Hour and a half, maybe two hours in the saddle is what it's built for.

    That said, the bike is not a beginner's bike, nor an advanced one. It's built as a stiff bike that has great geometry. I find that the geometry on mine (size XL), is a good blend of stability and responsiveness. The bike corners superbly, as that stiffness does a great job of holding things in line. Throw as a set of 25's on there, and the machine will make you feel like a hero. It's in the corners that I value that rigidity. I don't think that ultra-stiff this and that makes you any faster acceleration-wise, but that's an argument for another day.

    Enjoy the bike. You chose well. Post pics.
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    a grey colorway would be nice:
    cinelli x mash (track frame)