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Reynolds Wheel problem

FOGcpFOGcp Posts: 145
edited July 2010 in Workshop
I recently fitted some reynolds solitudes to my bike and have just realised the 10 sp Ultegra cassette has come loose on the freehub. when I took it apart it seemed as if a shim was required as the lock nut was tight. Now with a shim it's fine under power but as soon as you freewheel the chain flaps about and wants to jump ship. It feels like chain suck but all the chain wheels are ok.
Any bright ideas please?


  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    It appears as if the freehub is not freewheeling properly.
    Where did you put the shim - flange end or locknut end?
  • FOGcpFOGcp Posts: 145
    flange end-- Locknut end beter perhaps?
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