SRAM PG830 and PG850 - Difference

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I bought a bike that has the SRAM 8 speed PG830 cassette.

I then bought a PG850 cassette and can see the difference right away.

The PG830 is NOT cut away around the sprockets as much as the PG850 is.

Everyone researching this knows the 850 is more expensive than the 830 but most times I read about these cassettes, no one knows why they are different prices, they seem like the same cassette.

I can assure you that the PG850 just has far less metal to it, period. I should think the weight difference between say a 11-32T PG830 and a 11-32T PG850 is quite a considerable difference.

All the photographs always show the front of the cassette... its the back you need to see, there you can see the difference right away.

For example, on the PG850 cassette I can fit my little finger all the way into the inside of the cassette, on the PG830 that is impossible, the thickness of the sprockets won't let me do that.

Yes... I like sticking my finger in things. :twisted:

So, the weights of these cassettes is apparently not online anywhere.

To be honest, when I unwrapped the PG850 cassette I was amazed at how thin the metal is, it makes the cassette seem really cheap and nasty although it isn't, it just seems like something out of a Christmas cracker because there is hardly anything to it. 8)

I trust it won't break but sheesh... it looks like it should. :lol:

It does tell you on Weight Weenies...

PG-830 (11-32 8-speed) 321g
PG-850 (11-32 8-speed) 284g

The thing is I actually got the road cassette thats 12-23T so it will be even lighter. :D


  • I too was amazed at the absolute lightness of the SRAM PG850 cassette versus the Shimano one I'd worn out. On my digital kitchen scales the Shimano 8 speed 13-23 weighed a massive 254g compared to the SRAM's 12-23 weenie 186g. 5,000 or so miles later I've been very pleased with it's reliabilty using Wipperman 808 chains x 3 rotated every 1,000 miles. So pleased that I've bought another SRAM cassette and three more Wipperman chains - the 804 this time as they're availbale from Ribble at £8.60 each. The SRAM PG850 cassette RSP is £35 but a bit of hunting around revealed one for £18 from fleabay.

    I was thinking of 'up-grading' to 9 speed to re-gain the 16 cog that was on the Shimano 13-23 cassette that I found handy between 18 and 20mph and keep the 12 I like on the SRAM when tanking along at +30mph but decided the cost of new levers, Ultegra cassette and nine speed chains that would need replacing every year just wasn't worth it.

    For a daily ride I don't think you can beat 8 speed - just seems to go on and on and it's so cheap :)