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Seat stay bridge on 2010 Ridgeback Velocity

back2pedallingback2pedalling Posts: 2
edited July 2010 in The workshop
I've just bought my first new bike in 40 years :D (the aforementioned Ridgeback Velocity). Lovely to ride and look at (so much less effort than a 1970 Dawes) but immediately struck a problem when fitting a set of SKS chromoplastic mudguards. The front is OK but fitting the rear I found the drilling in the seat stay bridge is vertical and not horizontal :? , something I have never seen before. This makes it impossible to bolt the sliding L-bracket in place :x . It's true I could improvise a bracket of some kind but I feel convinced this is a fault or mis-build by Ridgeback.

I bought the bike on-line and my LBS doesn't stock this brand so not really interested or able to advise me. Ridgeback customer support is on holiday! :cry: Does anyone have experience of this model? Why on earth would Ridgeback design the bike this way (assuming it's not a fault with the frame)!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Some have vertical drilling for direct mount into the mudguard.

    As you say, is a case of finding a suitable adaptor [or bodge] or different mudguard.
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,465
    The best thing you can ever buy for use with mudguards is a cheap set of metal Meccano. Grab a straight bit with the right holes, bend it into shape, cut off the excess, and rivet it to the mudguard. Perfect.
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