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When should I change my tyres?

edited July 2010 in The workshop
Apologies if this sort of question has been done to death.

I ride a 2008 Dahon Jack (a full-size folder) which has Schwalbe Big Apple tyres (26 x 2.0") as standard. I've been commuting on this bike daily for 2 years (~5 miles each way), plus weekend riding. All in I'd guess I've done around 4000 miles in that time.

My question is this: when do I need to change my tyres? Is there a wear indicator I should be keeping an eye on? What is typical mileage for tyres ridden on roads?

Also, the Big Apples have been absolutely bomb-proof. I've had only 2 p******** in 2 years, both in the space of about 5 days caused by underinflation. If/when I need to replace them what should I get that is similarly bomb-proof but maybe rolls a bit faster and is a bit lighter?

Thanks in advance :)
Dahon Jack 2008 - FCN 10 - Never been scalped though...


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