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Work have finally got their arses in gear and sorted out a bike to work scheme but I'm dithering over what type of bike to get. I haven't cycled in years and my immediate thoughts were to just be dull and get a hybrid as 90% of my riding is likely to be pootling round local (flatish) roads and forestry tracks. Having spoken to a couple of local bike shops it seems that if the other 10% of the time is spent doing any XC I'm better off just opting for a Hardtail and maybe getting some extra less heavy duty tyres to put on for day to day riding. Does this make sense?

The follow on question is obviously what bike to get. The scheme I'm on rules out Halfords and the mail order outfits - the local shops can get me Genesis, Cannondale, Trek, Gary Fisher, Merida, Specialised, Giant, Kona and Revolution. Budget is £500-600. Any ideas and advice gratefully received. :)


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    I can't offer advise on specific bikes, but yeah, I would say that was good advice.

    A mountain bike will be far more versatile than a hybrid, it will be stronger and offer more in the way of comfort on forest tracks. You can always fit a set of slicks/ semi slicks for the (flatish) routes.
  • Mountain bike gets my vote. You will have more fun on it. There are stacks of threads on here for budget hardtails in the buying advice section.