Static Bike Technique?

WisePranker Posts: 823
Ive recently started exercising regularly and was wondering if my technique on the static bike in the gym was correct.

When I'm pedalling on the bike, shoulde feet be flat or toes pointed towards the ground?
What kind of cadence should I be aiming for to help improve cardio fitness?
I currently manage about 11-12 miles in about 40-45 minutes with a cadence of about 80rpm.
How does this sound?


  • Andrew N
    Andrew N Posts: 119
    fat fleet on the bike sounds about right.

    Cadence is a personal thing. It's become popular to ride at a high cadence 90-100 but there is nothing wrong with 80rpm. The higher cadence tends not to cause so much damage to the muscles.

    The other key measurable is your heart rate. If you have a heart rate monitor you can work out your correct range for exercising and measure your heart rate. Working at the correct intensity for an appropriate period of time (which is all very personal) is the key.

    Hope that helps?
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  • WisePranker
    WisePranker Posts: 823
    Thanks for the reply Andrew :)