In for a penny in for a pound???

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I have been looking at bikes for a few weeks now and I was going to just buy a cheap CBR or alike. However after losing 4.5 stone (more to go), I thought a bike could be part of my new life style.

The long and short of this is I now want a bike to be both a form of transport and a pass time, and as such I will be investing a few more pennys.

Im looking at around the £400 mark (maybe try to keep at £400) but would pay a bit more for a lot more if you know what I mean. I would like hydraulic brakes and something that will last.

I will be more than greatfull for any input.

Also could anyone recomend a good bike shop in Lancashire (Blackpool)


  • Get down to Halfords on Squires Gate and have a look in there. Some great deals to be had on Carrera and GT.

    The Carrera Kraken is £420 atm which i a nice bike for the money.
    The GT aggressor is also worth a look.

    Might want to check out too.
  • Thanks

    I have had a look at the Carrera Vengence Ltd, This is now only £330 and seems to have some nice kit. The front forks seem to get slated but in a year or so I could upgrade these, all part of the experiance I guess.
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    It's also the time of year where last years models will start getting reduced as the 2011 are released.

    Another angle you could look at is an ex-demo. I bought a Scott Scale a few years ago from Rutland Cycles which was an ex-demo. It was £999 new and I paid £500 for it! Half price for the fact that it had been out on demo rides. The bike was fully serviced and any worn components swapped out.
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  • I managed to find this on ebay ... 255bc1238e

    Im not sure if 2nd hand is the way to go, and if there looking for around £250 then I would probably be best to spend a bit more and get the Vengence Ltd from Halfords?

    Savings dont seem to be great on ebay?