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Hi All

I am looking to get some decent prescription glasses for riding. I do both road and MTB and can't get on with contacts at all.

I'm looking at something like Oakley's or Rudy Project, however I have two questions

Are there any companies you would recomend on the web that you have used?

As all of these are very expensive are there any other good riding glasses companies that I have missed that I should look at?

Also are there any particular pairs that you would recommend? I am very short sighted so have a -6 presciption which limits me.

Cheers for the help
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    Optilabs, although you may not think the frames are the coolest.

    I got mine so that my normal glasses couldn't get damaged.
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    I had some 3b's glasses which have a prescription insert that fits into the frame allowing changes in lenses (3 types, clear, smoked, light enhancing) I now wear contacts but I would recommend the 3b's.
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    St Moritz Tesco sunglasses for £40. The glasses are complete with prescription lenses and the sunglass shade clips on to the front. Summer and winter glasses, therefore, for just £40. They'll test your eyes and give you an up-to-date prescription there and then. If you leave them behind at a coffee stop, phone Tesco and they'll have a replacement pair for you within a week.