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Hi, I'm currently considering buying a Bianchi Via Nirone but I'm not too sure what size to go for, The Bianchi sizing guide fits me at a 61cm by height (190cm) and 57cm by inseam (85cm), (I'm a strange shape). Should I just split the difference and go for a 59 or is one measurement more important? I've heard that top tube is the most important dimension which makes me more inclined to go for the larger, but I'd also quite like to be able to stand over the bike comfortably.

Thanks ... -chart.pdf


  • Philby
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    I'm 6 foot exactly and I ride a 57cm Via Nirone. I would think a 59cm would be fine but suggest you try before you buy.
  • Erudin
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    I went a size up on my Bianchi for a higher handlebar (Used Competitive Cyclist fit calculator - French fit), stand-over height is fine because it's a compact frame.

    "The Competitive Fit generally puts you on the smallest appropriate frame and the Eddy Fit sizes up a bit or raises the bars, the French Fit puts you on the largest appropriate frame."

    "It is important to remember that as frames get larger the top tube effectively shortens. This means that the longer top tube on a larger frame is appropriate because as the bars come "up" and the ratio of saddle to bar drop lessens, the rider achieves a "reach" from the saddle to the handlebars that is just right!"
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    hi im 5-9" and have a 55cm infinito and it fits me like a glove, on the other hand i have a 55cm 1885 b4p and i had to replace the stem for a shorter one
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    Im 5'8" with an inside leg measurement of 29". I've just bought a Bianchi C2C road bike sized at 55, andit seems to be a pefect fit. Hope this helps.
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    dhuges! Get a fitting, man! So wot if so & so is this tall and they got an X size - that says nothing about you! And if you cant get a fitting, go to a shop wot sells them and try them to see which one feels best. You'd try on trousers before buying wouldn't you, not just guess based on a sizing chart? And you'd test drive a car before you parted with cash to see if it felt good, and not just buy based on a review, wouldn't you? Tut!
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    just to put my 2 pence worth in. I went for a bianchi infinito and im 5"8 and 31 inseam I had a bike fittimg and needed a 53cm. If your spending a large sum of money on the bike you really want then I would advise getting a LBS to measure you up.

    You may pay a little more but when your in the saddle and your back is hurting etc youll regret not getting measured
  • I know I should probably get a fitting, but was too attracted by the internet savings, plus the more I read about fittings the more inclined I am to think its all about personal preference, how's the guy doing the fitting going to know what's best for me by just taking a measurements? We all have different achey bits and stiff bits. Plus with saddle height and different stems there's quite a bit of leeway. Its going to take me a while to get used to a road bike anyway coming from a hybrid so any feedback I give to the guy doing the fitting is going to be pretty useless. (Maybe I'm just trying to justify my decision to myself here! :wink: I went for the 59 in the end, hope it fits nicely!

    (I've also bought many items of cloting without trying them on! :wink: )
  • Thanks for all the input btw guys!
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    Def get a fitting. I am a similar height to you at 6'2. Ive surprisingly got a 57, for me it was more comfortable then the next size up. The LBS where I bought mine, got me on the turbo with a few frames whilst doing the sizing, so rather than just a guy with a tape measure I did get to test the positions out to.
  • slowlanejane
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    dhughes147 wrote:
    ... hope it fits nicely!

    So do I now you've parted with cash (you could have had the fitting adn then bought the bike online ...) Let us know how you get on.
  • I've had the bike a little while now and put a few miles on, the furthest ride being about 40 so far, seems to fit nicely, no aches or pains yet!
  • Lady Venom
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    5'8 with long legs riding 56 with shorter stem. Get measured/fitted is my advice.
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    +1 for getting a fitting. Doesn't really matter if someone is the same height as you. Leg measurement arm length and upper body length will still vary from person to person.
    Spending a bit extra in your LBS could save you from buying the wrong frame size.
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