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Using a MTB on a Turbo Trainer

PhatSiPhatSi Posts: 10
Hi All

I have recently started a quest to lose a lot of weight and get much fitter. I bought a MTB (Claude Butler Pagan 09) and have completed my first few rides, nothing hard just riding the flat parts around where I live (Canals and the like). Things are going okay although any sort of incline stops me dead lol

My friend at work has lent me his Magnetic Turbo Trainer to use when I can't get out. The first time I used it the noise was incredible! Now I guess that is down to the nobbly tires and as such I bought a slick tire and have got a spare back wheel so I can just swap then over. I have not tried it yet but I am hoping the noise will be greatly reduced (My GF will not let me use it if it is still loud).

My question really is, does anyone else here use a MTB on a turbo trainer and if so how do you use it effectively? Is it worth me persevering with it?




  • BorisSpencerBorisSpencer Posts: 786
    I used to a few years ago, it is incredibly boring.
    Use the spare wheel with the slick, you don't need to worry about brakes, and it doesn't matter if all the gears don't index right.
    Northwind wrote: It's like I covered it in superglue and rode it through ebay.
  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,288
    Better than a slick is a dedicated turbo trainer wheel (they make these for mtb wheels too).
  • steponahensteponahen Posts: 35
    Knobbly tires will make loads of noise, and will wear out very quickly. Slicks are essential, but there'll always be noise.

    To get the most out of turbo training you need a computer hooked up to the back wheel with a cadence function, and a HRM.

    Then you need to sit there for an hour (10 min warm up, 40 minutes of intervals, 10 mins warm down). will give you some work out ideas.

    It's boring, but it does improve fitness. Oh, and you'll get really sweaty.
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