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Kona Kula Delux - strangly missing !!!!!

hubbahubba Posts: 238
edited July 2010 in MTB stolen
Ok my good buddy has called me as he knows i'm out a lot on my bike and do a fair ammount of group rides..
anyway his bike was taken from his house but no one broke in ? really odd, the garage door was left open and bike gone but he only noticed today, last time he looked at the bike was over a week ago.

so around reading berkshire area somewhere there is either the whole bike or parts of it floating around, of some oppertunist who's a theving git.

spec was :-
kona kula delux 2007 frame in orange and white
fox 120mm front forks
xt front and rear mechs
race face chainrings
dmr style black pedals
sun rims
it also had two lights on front bars with trip computer (cat eye wireless), and rear 5 led strip on seat post.

if anyone hears or see's would apreciate some feedback as he's not very hapy at the moment, cost new £1,400
he's currently looking for the reciepts and frame details which i'll update if anyone has any leads.

Cube Sl Road for sale
wanted Steel or titanium Touring / audax / sportif frame or complete bike.
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