Freehub overhaul

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Noticed last night whilst checking my rear wheel for trueness my hither-to silent freehub on my Easton Vista SLs is now clicking and grating during freewheeling. Now, I don't really want to take it into an LBS as, IMHO, they'll take one look and go "yep, needs replacing".*

So, I've been looking up some guides on the net and I think I can do it (happily the vistas are cartridge bearings and once you have the thing off it looks like a case of clean out and relube) but I'm confused about which lubricant to use. Most sites talk about "oil", whereas I expected them to use grease. So, do I use;

a) Engine oil
b) (Lithium) grease
c) Something else, moron
d) Take it to your LBS, moron

*Note: I have a horrible feeling I might "open" it up and find epic fail. I assume the freehubs themselves are easy to find?


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    Engine oil
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..