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crank or peddal problem?

p60werp60wer Posts: 63
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Iv just noticed a clicking when riding my carrera banshee xxx,it sounds as though its coming from the crank or pedal area,it happens when the crank position passes horizontal.the crank is a truvativ firex 3.0 and the pedals are wellgo.also the bike is 6 months old.any help would be great.cheers


  • pte1643pte1643 Posts: 518
    I wouldn't think it's the BB at 6 months old.

    More likely to be a loose pedal cone nut (assuming they are ball and cone bearings).

    I used to get this a lot on my OE pedals and they frequently needed nipping up.
  • neninjaneninja Posts: 424
    My bike intermittently did that and it drove me mad until I worked out what it was.

    It was when the chain needed re-lubing - it happened on the downstroke of the forward crank arm as it passed horizontal. I changed to using 'Squirt' and it stopped it (until I hit about 12-15 miles and then it slowly starts again)
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    can you swap pedals?

    Also is it your shoelace hitting the bike somewhere or the cable from the front mech catching...
  • p60werp60wer Posts: 63
    na its a mecanical problem as i can feel it click as well as hear it.
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    Check everything's done up tight first.

    "As I said last time, it won't happen again."
  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    had the same problem two weeks ago. Refitted BB and crank - no change - refitted pedals and fixed.

    but check everything in the whole drive train from cassette being tight to chain rings being tight to chain lubed, mechs adjusted, pedals tight etc.
  • p60werp60wer Posts: 63
    im getting new pedals as mine a rubbish so will see if it goes then.if not will prob take it to my lbs and get them 2 have a look as im having a stag wkend in afan at the end of the month and want my bike working tidy.
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