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Hi all, love the site guys :)

I have a quick question, and excuse me if I have posted this in the wrong category - but being quite new to MTB, I have just purchased a Giant and have been bitten by the bug hard!

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a way into some amateur MTB races, nothing too serious, or in a far off land - just something to push myself for?

Oh, forgot to mention I am in the Buckinghamshire area :)

Thanks, Mark


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    If you fancy a go look at www.mtb-marathon.co.uk
    and enter the Ruthin event, it'll give you the idea of a comp without the pressure, just choose the length, enter then turn up and ride.
    I did the Grassington 25km and loved every min :D
    Caz xx
  • Cheers for that Caz, I will take a look.

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    yeah, I did the Grassington 50k - it was really well organised. I'll definitely be going back for another!
  • Have a look at this site for races/events in your area:-


    Variable distance enduros e.g. 25/50/75/100km events are good as are the Brit Heart foundation rides.

    2 I never miss each year are the Bristol Bikefest (living in bristol makes it easy) and one on the salisbury plain in late Dec early Jan to get rid of all that Xmas blubber!
  • Cheers fellas. Just found something on Mud, Sweat and tears looks perfect!

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    Thetford MTB have races which are not too far away. There is also the Roman Challenge in Northants.

    Whereabout in Bucks are you?
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  • I'm in Milton Keynes, so the most northern part :)
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    Im in Bedford - have you found all the trails at Woburn yet?
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  • Went to Woburn Sands last weekend doing a mtb course with Get Mountain Biking - awesome place.

    I could do with a trail map though, as I can imagine you could get lost pretty easy, and I don't want to be on the TV programme 999!!! :(:)
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    I went out with these guys (http://www.bucksmtb.co.uk/index.htm) on their June group ride and I think a few of them are involved in some racing. They have their July group ride on Saturday if you fancy meeting up with them.
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    Get Mountain Biking are great - I went on two courses with them a few years ago. Thoroughly recommended.

    If you go on my website (link in my sig below) there is a section about Woburn Sands and a trail map
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