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Canyon Ultimate CF

jockyfoostjockyfoost Posts: 63
edited July 2010 in Your road bikes

Bought as a new Frameset last week. Only just built up from old bike (Focus Cayo 2007).
Ultegra 6700 Groupset apart from the 105 Brakes.
FSa Omega Compact Bars
Easton EA90SL wheelset.
Weight about 7.7kg
Frame size 58cm.
First bedding in ride tonight, 20 miles. Fits like a glove. Couldn't believe how comfortable it was, so much more than my Focus. What i have found in researching the frame is how stiff it is. I was a little worried it would be a harsh ride but within 50 metres i knew i'd made the right choice. if not a week early. (I see with their new Tour de France promotion i could have had the Evo SLX frameset for the same price) :(
The only down side i can find is the sweat drips of the end of my nose and right down the fork steerer what with there not being a headset cap. i'm sure it'll drain away somewhere.
Still very happy and looking forward to many comfortable miles.
Hope you like it.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Nice one mate!

    Ride report soonest please...
  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    Looks sweet in that red colour. Way better than the pic on the website.

    Good to hear the stiffness myths are just that. I'm gutted about the TdF offers too! Still, 300EUROS discount still ain't bad. I ordered a proper headset cap from them though lol. Can't be having holes in my bike :roll: .

    Enjoy it!
  • mcrdavemcrdave Posts: 501
    V Nice!

    I'm gutted about that discount too, I was 2 week early CHEERS NAPD lol.

    I like the hole in my steerer, although will have to shove something in it over winter or my tube will get flooded!
  • Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
    Looks nice!!

    Luckily managed to stumble across the TDF promotion on the right day (50% off) so have got myself a Ultimate CF EVO frame for the tiny sum of £625 (converted). Can't wait to receive it...will put some pics up once i've got it.
  • mcrdavemcrdave Posts: 501
    Bloody hell not another one!

    How did you guys just happen to be on the site in the right place at the right time!? Talk about luck!

    Hehe, pleased for you really,
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    waiting for those pics Simon1890, sounds great ....
  • Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
    Gonna be a few weeks i'm afraid, they're awaiting a re-stock or something!!

    But good things come to those who wait......gonna order all my other bits and get it built up as soon as it arrives...
  • jockyfoostjockyfoost Posts: 63
    Thanks everyone.
    I was concerned about the red colour. It looked a little like blackpool rock in the picture on the website but it's more like Ferrari red.
    I've just found the cap on the website for covering the hole in the top of the steerer so i'll get that ordered.
    My legs are still sore from last nights first ride. i just wanted to keep getting out of the saddle and giving it some stick. This bike deserves someone alot fitter than me. I'll get there i'm sure.
    To everyone i'd say keep an eye on their TDF promotion. Got to be the bargain of the year, a tour frame for a bargain price. (I should get a job in sales for them).
    Thanks again for your kind comments.
  • Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
    Hey Jockyfoost, where did you find the headset cap on their website, i've been looking and can't find it to save my life!!
  • Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
    Scratch that....found it
  • cal_stewartcal_stewart Posts: 1,840
    will everyone stop buying canyons, your letting the secret out. That red is alot better than it looks on the website. Makes me think about what the apple green ones look like in the flesh.

    hell of a bike for the money. Got mine in the end of year sale 09, cf slx with campag sr and mavic slrs for less than a dogma f&f.

    Plus their releasing a aero bike at the end of the year and if looks like sex.

    Leave the headset open its a good talking point, plus you can finger it.
    eating parmos since 1981

    Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Aero 09
    Cervelo P5 EPS
  • mcrdavemcrdave Posts: 501

    re. the hole in the steerer, I'm going all gay and am going to put a daisy in mine, like VW Beetle drivers on the dash. Or maybe a gladioli as a Smiths fan hehe.
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