How to straighten frame please?

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My younger brother has wrecked my bike. The back forks are bent sideways.
I think the back caliper is broken. It's close to the gears.
1.How can I get the correct proportions for a SHOGUN G2 GATECRASHER 200 ?

i realise this may not be a very cool frame, but I like it.

It's been totaled by my elephant footed younger brother.;[;[/{ : >%48.
Should I try to straighten it myself or does anyone know a specialist for straightening frames in london.?
How can I tell if the caliper alignment has been damaged?

Basically MY BROTHER TH BIKE WRECKER +_@}::?>? whined till I lent it to him, and then took it for a month on the streets of london. locked it outside overnight even though i told him not to; grips nicked. boost red.

I don't think I can ever forgive him for this trashing, or gain meaningful revenge, except to get it fixed by pros and send him the bill.
I've told him I'm sending him the bill any way.

Any ideas?



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    We need pictures really.

    My first impression is that your frame is dead and needs replacing.
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    I can't imagin that a repair would cost less than a new frame or bike (unless you have done a lot of upgrading)
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    Why are MTB economics; spend twice as much as you intended, but only half as much as you wish you could afford? :roll:
  • GHill
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    If it's a steel frame you might be able to bend it back to a rideable condition. But, I'm pretty sure that's an alloy frame and it's new frame time.
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    The only thing about bending it back - if it is even possible - is that the frame will be really weakened once its bent back. Therefore you might find the next time you have a little bump, it snaps and cause more damage than its worth.

    If I were you I would take this opportunity to get a new frame anf bill your brother for it! May even be able to get a cheaper one from e-bay or something??

    Just don't think it is a good idea to weaken what is meant to be the backbone of your whole bike!
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    I'd be more inclined to scrap it, and get something like the BrandX dirt jump frame from CRC
    You might have to change the seatpost as well, but it would probably be the best option.