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go pro cameras - best mounting points?

M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
edited July 2010 in MTB general
a gopro wide has just landed on my desk and i'm about to order a chest mount.

in the mean time what other areas are good for mounting these?

examples are expected!! :wink:
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Handlebar mount can work, get it as close to the steerer as possible to reduce the yaw and you can get some really interesting footage. Not exactly smooth but it's a good alternative POV.

    This was shot with a very crude stem mount, actually just used the box that the gopro came in, taped to the stem :lol: Worked OK though. Not good enough for fort william though, the camera nearly came off after about 30 seconds!

    I fancy getting one of those tube mounts so it's easy to fit in different places round the frame though
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  • M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863

    in bottle cage pointing backwards....

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  • saprkzzsaprkzz Posts: 592
    I think the chest mount is best, as you do get the sense of riding it... On handle bars etc, you do get a lot of vibration.

    Here mine on chest --->
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