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Advice please

sl51xjhsl51xjh Posts: 39
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Looking to upgrade drivetrain on my Cannondale F6 MTB (have done forks, wheels & headset so far). Currently got Shimano Alivio derailleurs (stock with bike) and after 2000 miles starting to get a bit tired. Was hoping to go to 9 speed Shimano SLX derailleurs, shifters and cassette. Obviously a new chain too. Issues as follows :-

1. Have Fulcrum Red Metal 5 wheels (upgrade from stock item) and was wondering if 9 speed cassette will fit without change to hub thingy that cassette sits on. Web says 8/9 speed compatible so I assume no real issues here.
2. Do I need to get a 9 speed specific crank set as well or will current (probably 8 speed) work okay.
3. Any other systems I should look at as opposed to the SLX.

From web sites doesn't look like a hard job with some patience and basic tools. Will probably take rear wheel to LBS and get them to take off old and put new cassette on for me.

Many thanks in advance.


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