Looking at joining a club....

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Starting to think about joining a club. Well technically ive been thinking about it for a long time but now I finally have a road bike I have no excuse...

Been commuting 100 miles a week for over a year and my fitness is at a higher level than ever before, but I want to take things up a step.

Kinda worried I wont be fit enough, and they might laugh at my bike and kit.....

Also cant give up many weekends, but a couple of local clubs seem to do evening runs during the week, at least in the summer.

Is it worth joining a club mainly for these runs?

Nearest club is Team Madigan in Carrickfergus if anyone knows anything about them!

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  • Matt the Tester
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    yeah just phone up your local club and express a interest :) you do 100 miles aweek thats easily enough!
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  • Mike400
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    roughly ten each way, so 20 a day, 100 a week.

    Have started building up evening rides as well, hopefully getting 30-40 miles tonight, which will be the furthest ive done in one session :S
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    thats good. I recently joined a club and they have been fab. Go at the pace of the slowest rider, have a good natter, stop for a brew, ride off and natter more.

    They didn't even laugh when I fell off the bike whilst still clipped in.... AGAIN :lol:
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  • Mike400
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    Cheers guys. Both clubs local to me have forums so ill see what the craic is there

    One is more sportive orientated, the other has a more race focus.

    The sportive club has no affiliation other than the CTC:

    "In the past the club has been affiliated to the British Cycling Federation which looked after cycling in Northern Ireland until 2007 when the N.I.C.F. ( Northern Ireland Cycling Federation) took action to amalgamate to Cycling Ireland which Kings Moss did not accept and thus did not affiliate. Recently the club has taken a step back from racing and have been leaning toward the new phenomenom of the cyclo sportive which opens up cycling a much greater spectrum of riders and in turn has seen the members of the club rise over the past year."

    I know the political reasons behind this, but does this mean kings moss is more of a social club, and as a member you cant partake in any racing?
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  • ian_s
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    I think many people are a bit apprehensive in your situation.

    Why don't you contact them and explain your situation, fitness etc and see what they have to say? You could even turn up to one of the runs just to say hello but without actually going on the run. I reckon you will guage pretty quickly whether they are right for you.

    I was in your position about a year ago and don't regret going along at all.

    Good Luck!