On the hunt......

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Looking to get back into cycling again both commuting to work few times a week to taking the bike on the back of the car on the weekends to do some off road mountain biking, came across this site a lot in my reviews of bikes etc so i thought i would sign up and say Hi

So the plan is to get a bike around the 1000-1200 euro price range. I used to have a Giant hardtail when i was younger but sort of fell out of love with cycling when the need to buy a car to drive to work took over.

Current car i have is very thirsty on petrol(Subaru!) so trying to cut down on running costs on that to maybe cycling 2-3 times a week doing a 25km round trip cycle, and also maybe 1-2 weekends a month taking the bike up to local mountains for a bit more offroad fun.

So far i have only been looking at hardtail Mtb's ideally have 1 set of wheels for road commuting and 1 for offroading.(probably get 2nd set after a few weeks of original purchase) Have been looking at either the Trek 6700 or Specialized Rockhopper and just wondering how these would hold up on the occasional commute to work?

Not really interested in hybrids or road bikes but if im am totally of course with the hardtail feel free to give me some alternatives :)

I have plenty more questions but i think thats enough for now!