Disc brake replacement

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Hi there

I recently brought myself a second hand bike as i wanna start doing this more.

I got a newish apollo fs.26 which i understand may not be the best but seems like a good starter for me and i can build (and save up) towards a better bike etc

But anyways, my disc brakes at the front appear to need replacing, well the pads do! 2 Questions, 1, can i do this myself easily enough and 2, where can i buy these pads from?!

Thanks for the help in advance!!



  • supersonic
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    They should be replacable yes - try your local Halfords.
  • hi

    Yeah i have heard they are fairly expensive but maybe thats the downside of buying one of the bikes?

    I was wondering if i could do it myself or is it not worth the hassle!
  • supersonic
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    You need to find out what pads though - on a bike like this, only Halfords might know.
  • ahh i see

    they have 'tektro' on them so that maybe the brand
  • rhann
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    theyre prob tektro io
  • ric7481
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    Should be able to do it yourself - no hassle...apollo is halfords brand, so most likely to get correct pads from them - alternatively take your old pads into your lbs for them to match up.

    Search the web / buy the Park Tools big blue book of bike repair - will help you out with lots of jobs as time goes on.......£50 on a basic toolkit and £20 on a manual is money well spent if you want to do the work yourself.

    Above all - have fun and enjoy your riding :D
  • The Rookie
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    Pads will normally cost about £8-12 a set, remove the front wheel and on most tektro the pad will just pull out, you can then compare its shape to those advertised on ebay etc!

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