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Any more good Enduro's over the Summer?

willhartwillhart Posts: 41
edited August 2010 in XC and Enduro
I was planning to do the 12:12 "Torq in your Sleep" in August but today my Boss told me that my Ship (RN) is not granting leave over that weekend so I am unable to enter.

I really enjoyed my first Enduro (AYTE) last weekend and can't wait to do another.

Does anybody know of any other enjoyable enduro events over the next few months. Preferebly in the South of England, but I would also travel to South Wales for a good event.

I am looking for something in the region of 4-6hrs or probably not more 50 or 60 miles for a distance event.

I am a bit of a plodder and wouldn't be at the sharp end, so an elite race where slow coaches are not tolerated (if such events exist) wouldn't be any good for me!

Thanks in advance.

Will. :)


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