Garmin Edge 500

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Thinking about getting a 500 and i know its not made for route planning but you can upload routes to it and follow them

Has any one got one and used it following the little left/right arrow ,,how does it do the job on a new route , does it give count downs to the next turns ?

The only other option is the 705 but that a bit bigger and a bit old now , and I would think some time soon its due a facelift so could be smaller at the same time

I ride on road and off road so what ever i go for will be used on both bikes




  • johnmiosh
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    When following a course it shows a "breadcrumb" trail on one of the scrolling screens. As you approach a junction it is obvious which route you take, but no Sat Nav type warnings.
    Example screen half way down this review. ... eview.html
    Some users are having problems with courses losing data. I have not experienced it, but several have, see Garmin support forum

    A new software fix is supposedly in the pipeline. Personally I think the edge 500 is wonderful.
  • markshaw77
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    Will the 500 deal with coursepoints from a pre-planned route or not?

    I currently have a 305 and if I plot a course using bikehike/bikeroutetoaster/etc and include coursepoints (i.e. turn left, turn right, straight, etc) with warnings at 250ft - when i then download it to my 305, I can not only follow the breadcrumb trail, but also have the unit give me the coursepoint instructions and distance to the next coursepoint.

    I love the 500, but I would be reluctant to lose this feature and I don;t really want to fork out for the 705 as I wouldn't really use the maps.

    Thoughts/experiences from 500 owners?
  • Freeza
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    You get all the coursepoint instructions and distances. Took me by surprise the first time I created a route in Bikeroutetoaster and uploaded it to tthe 500, wondered what the heck I was looking at for the first 5 mins.
  • Andy111s
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    Cheers chaps !!

    Is there any you tube stuff showing how it all works on the 500 ??
    I have seen people following a route on a edge 705 but not a edge 500 (just how the 500 works without route directions)

    just a lot of money to lash out if its not what i am looking for