Back injury exercises and set-up

gonzogon30 Posts: 8
I after a bit of advice on two fronts.
Number 1 - I injured my back on a quad bike some years ago and i suffer with a prolapsed (slipped) disc that plays up alot for up to a month after I take on a ride of any distance. Does anybody know any lower back strengthening excercises that would benefit me?
Number 2 - Any advice on bike set up to reduce stress on my back without effecting best performance too much?


  • 1) physio/chiropractor.

    2) just try out different positions and see what works best. might also want to try different combos of bars/stem.... shorter stem and wider bars might give you a more upright/natural stance instead of being stretched out?
  • mea00csf
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    try searching for exercises to strengthen your core, makes a huge difference when i do core exercises when my sciatica flares up (this was initially caused by a slipped disc.)