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scoring a carbon seat post?

mactherunnermactherunner Posts: 3
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So, I am new to cycling. I scored my carbon seat post with a compass point to record the right saddle height. Now I am freaked out that I have caused it damage with this tiny scoring and that it is permanently weakened. What's my situation? Can I leave it the way it is? If not, can it be repaired or do I need a new one? :?


  • LimburgerLimburger Posts: 346
    Naaaah relax. All you have done is scratched the clearcoat of varnish on the top layer. The top layer of carbon is usually cosmetic 12k weave anyway and doesn´t do much for strength.

    Some frames can be a bit rough around the seat tube and put some nasty gouges in seatposts, looks nasty but its just aesthetic.
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