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Problem with front disc brake

mickedwards61mickedwards61 Posts: 175
edited July 2010 in MTB general
I have just been giving my bike the once over, as you do every once in a while. I was checking the brakes were still sharp, and as I gave the lever for the front brake a good firm pull, the hose popped out!

They are Hayes Stroker Ryde brakes bought from Merlin in April of this year. I bought them as a full set pre bled and ready to fit, however the front hose was too long so I had my LBS shorten it and fit to the bike not long after I bought them

I tend to go out twice a week on short rides of 12ish miles, and I wouldn't say the brakes are overused purely because my local terrain doesn't demand it.

My question is, is the hose popping out just one of those things? Or could it be caused by it not being fitted properly in the first place?


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