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what to eat the night before and on the morning

chrisskichrisski Posts: 79
Im doing a 43 mile bike challenge and want to know what would be best to eat the night before and also in the morning of the challenge? im prob gonna have porridge.
not sure what food to take either on the ride itself!
any ideas and tips would be appreciated!



  • Buckled_RimsBuckled_Rims Posts: 1,648
    I'd have a full English breakfast - really. Some guys on here will do 43miles on just a cup of coffee.

    Unless you're an athlete or budding one, eat what you want but plenty of it. I've tried porridge, oats, weetabix etc....but on a Sportive or Challenge a bacon butty does me just fine. I don't drink any alcohol the night before and I usually eat a pizza.

    If you really want to be "carbed" up, eat pasta the night before and oat/porridge with fruit mixed in for breakfast.

    Food to take: Bassetts jelly babies, Lucozade gel, snickers bar (not if sunny and hot) or energy oat bar and energy drink.

    For 43 miles you don't need much.
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  • Jon8aJon8a Posts: 235
    Good breakfast, unless you have something really unhealthy normally stick to what you know. Also, don't have a mssive meal the night before, you'll just feel bloated the next day, have a bigger lunch instead. I find sleep and hydration affect my performance more than food so get a good nights sleep and drink plenty the day before.
  • tubaonwheelstubaonwheels Posts: 448
    Couple of pints and a good shag the night before (it helps to be relaxed) then a good old fry up in the morning (don't forget the black pudding - if she's recovered fron the good shag the night before :wink: )
    As for the ride mmmm bottle of water and a banana should do the trick
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    A lot depends on what you're used to. 43 miles off-road is a lot if you only ride a few miles on towpaths and there is no miracle meal that is going to see you through.

    If you can, get used to doing longer tougher routes and 43 miles won't seem so bad. My local loop is about 25 miles door-to-door and I've been doing it for over 15 years. It means I can ride 35 miles without really thinking about it and 50+ when I want to with a assortment of dried fruit, bananas, fig rolls etc to keep me going
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    If I have a fry up before I ride I'm tasting it the whole day, much prefer porridge or cereal myself!
  • I often drop by the Golden Arches en-route to a decent ride !

    I dont go at any other time but i find a cup of Coffee a double saus n egg muffin AND pancakes n maple syrup fuel me up !
    Smoothies Flapjack and Mars bars for added go,

    I cant do Jelly babies they make my teeth itch ! :?

    I cant eat Gruel either its just not right..................
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