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Specialized or Giant?

FifenewbieFifenewbie Posts: 44
edited July 2010 in MTB buying advice
Hi folks :) - well after deciding i need to stop playing the xbox so much and get fit, I am looking to buy a hardtail - I have narrowed it down to either a 2010 Specialized Hardrock or a Giant Revel 1 or 2 - I havnt seen the Giant yet as the bikeshop only had them delivered earlier today, so will pop in tomorrow after they have built them up. So, the question is which to go for? thanks guys 8)


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The revel has a better level of equipment than the Hardrock, but both have pretty clunky forks.

    Does the shop stock any other brands?
  • FifenewbieFifenewbie Posts: 44
    Thanks m8 - Specialized and Giant are the only 2 mainstream brands they carry - I really dont want to spend any more than 400 tops - also went to a shop that carries Cube bikes, very nice but just too much money for me too start off with - saying that, I will have to see if my work is involved in the Cycle Scheme and I might be able to get something dearer :wink: - any other bikes I could look at?.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you have a Halfords nearby, check the Carrera Kraken.
  • FifenewbieFifenewbie Posts: 44
    Just checked if my work is involved through the Cycle 2 Work Scheme and they are through Halfords - could I get a bike then, even though I have no intentions of using it for work :wink: - from what I have read there is no way that they can check your mileage or what you have been using it for . thanks again folks
  • there is an excellent selection of bikes at halfords that mainstream brands just cant match when it comes to spec for your money, carrera fury is £530 if you want the latest model which has spec to match a £1000 from the likes of specialized, cannondale etc and also won top prize in the july issue of WMB. the boardmans are lighter and more racey but again for components and great reviews you cant go wrong, they also have the voodoo brand of bikes that again come highly dressed, and finally, no i dont work for halfords but have always had excellent cust service when i have nipped in for small jobs to be done when i cant be bothered myself
  • hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
    Fifenewbie wrote:
    Just checked if my work is involved through the Cycle 2 Work Scheme and they are through Halfords - could I get a bike then .....

    Enjoy the tax break and keep quiet about not using it much for commuting. Maybe you can increase your budget a little now the taxman is helping out and look at the Carrera Fury which is very good for the money
  • chrisskichrisski Posts: 79
    you dont have to use the bike to get to work! just remember they officailly own the bike and are leasing it to u so if you get it nicked (which happened to my mate) you are responsible to get it replaced and you only own it after the yr once you have paid your employers the fair market price.
  • FifenewbieFifenewbie Posts: 44
    Thanks for all the advice folks 8) like the look of the Carrera Fury, seems to be good value - had a Carrrera back in the day but i cant remember what model it was and that was a superb bike - the only thing thats in the back of my mind is spending 500 odd quid on a bike seems to be crazy,specially as im just starting out again :roll: anyone else think this?
  • bdigitalbdigital Posts: 193
    i thought exactly the same.

    Until Halfords stuck a 20% discount on Carreras and i got it for £440. What a bargain. Allot of bike for th money.

    They have these saes every now and then so might be worth hanging on?
  • stiscoobystiscooby Posts: 139
    I am in the same boat, just starting out and dont want to spend silly amounts on a bike. i have a budget of about £400, to allow me to get a reasonable spec bike.

    I have been looking at the Giant XTC 4 on sale at paul cycles for £449 but have also been looking at the Carrera Fury's at Halfrauds - they have on sale the (the 08 model) for £379. Only thing putting me off the fury is Hafrauds!!
  • FifenewbieFifenewbie Posts: 44
    Well ive narrowed it down to either the Carrera Fury or Kraken, both are stunning bikes in the flesh 8), just going to wait until my cyclescheme voucher arrives and proceed from there - stiscooby, can you get a bike through the cyclescheme because then you could maybe afford to up your budget?
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