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Buying Advice Required - Choice Between Gary Fisher & BM

SnellySnelly Posts: 140
edited July 2010 in MTB buying advice

I am about to buy a new bke for my wife and have narrowed it down to a choice between a Gary Fisher Hi Fi Deluxe - ... 83#reviews

And a BMC Trail Fox TF03 - ... e-ec023050

Any thoughts appreicated on this. The riding is cross country over the South Downs with some drops etc but nothing too mental. Also need something that can be ridden all day - 35 miles plus etc.

She has sat on both and can't quite decide. Anyone got any views on either bike?


Fortes fortuna adiuvat.


  • FunBusFunBus Posts: 404
    I personally would go for the BMC and have £250 left in my pocket!

    Both bikes will perform to a VERY similar level and both come with pretty good spec. The Gary Fisher is definately more feminine, but depending on what your wife wants, this may not be too important.

    I dont think that spending that extra bit of cash will see massive suggest the BMC unless you can find the Gary Fisher cheaper elsewhere which could be possible now the "Gary Fisher Collection" is being launched via Trek. Older Fishers might come down in price to clear........??
  • SnellySnelly Posts: 140
    I agree with you but I think she wants the Gary Fisher now - typlical as it is more cash! That said, I think we need to look at other bikes. Trouble is we have a £1000 voucher for Evans on the C2W Scheme so our choices are limited to their stock and further constrained at my insistence that we get a bargain in their sale!

    The Rocky Mountain Altitude might be worth trying next I think...

    Thanks for your input though. helpful and most welcome.

    Fortes fortuna adiuvat.
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