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Supplements for mountain biking

RaniatorRaniator Posts: 40
What supplements would you recommend for MTBing?

I know supplements are no replacement for training, technique and diet etc (blah blah), I'm just wondering what supplements the regular cyclists here use or have used in the past?

High5 seem to do a popular range of energy and isotonic drinks... are they worth it?

What other supps could a could a cyclist take pre/during/post riding?
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Could take whatever you wanted, EPO is meant to be quite effective.

    There's all manner of hi-carb energy drinks out there to increase energy and endurance while riding, SIS, Torq, High5, Maxm, Zipvit, Maximuscle etc all do them. Personal choice frankly. Isotonic ones are good for hot conditions, although the High5 rep told me that it's never hot enough in the UK to justify it over the standard one.

    Then there's protein recovery drinks which can help if you're doing hard training day after day, all sorts of evidence to suggest a chocolate milk has similar effects.

    There's also effervescent electrolyte tabs like Zym and Nuun which contain no carbs, just electrolytes to stave off cramp and keep you hydrated.

    I personally use High5 Source, with a bit of Elete water electrolyte solution for racing, and High5 recovery after hard rides or if I can't get food quickly. Depends if you find yourself running out of energy, or being really tired on successive days riding, I don't generally bother with anything on rides under 3 hours unless they're going to be a very hard session.

    Different strokes and that though...
  • RaniatorRaniator Posts: 40
    Hi, thanks for the reply... I'll check out some of those other brands and see what is out there :)

    I'm a fairly regular gym goer so I know about the advantages of protein shakes, creatine, BCAAs etc, but energy and endurance for cycling is obviously a different thing.

    High5 Source and High5 Recovery sound promising, I'll have a look...
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  • RaniatorRaniator Posts: 40
    Ahh, just seen the High5 Recovery is a protein drink which I already have (Sci-Mentor Premium Whey if anyone is interested) so I'll try taking one of those after a hard ride.

    I guess an isotonic drink to consume before and during riding will probably do for now.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Only if you find yourself running out of energy, if you're only doing short rides it won't make much difference frankly.

    Opinions on things like creatine vary, as a general rule: muscle bulk = bad for cycling.
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