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Anyone near Derby, Specifically Findern/Littleover

Ron BonesRon Bones Posts: 23
edited July 2010 in MTB rides
Hey up, I've only just got myself a bike again after about 9 years off and I've really taken to it again, want to go do some trails nearby. I hear there's a good one at Ticknall/Milton?! Anyway, I'm in Findern DE65 and at the minute I dont have a car so I'm restricted to trails I can ride to, ride, then get home which leaves me struggling a bit as to where to go! I'd like to go with someone as I have a bit of a fear of doing trails alone after losing my moto-x bike alone on a trail a few years ago and getting in a bit of a mess! Anyone about?! Must warn you I'm still getting into this, my fitness isnt great so I'm a bit slow probably and I'm yet to try a proper trail so I dont know what my nerves are like these days! Dont want to slow anyone down!


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