Inner tube issues

Lady Venom
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Wiggle delivered my new tryes last night, all good. Had the inner tube off and firstly oe seems longer than the other so was a bit of a squeeze to get it on and when it inflates on it's own abbove about 5 psi part of it bulges like a long balloon sometimes does. Is this a dodge inner tube or will it balance out once under the tyre? This one now also has a a couple of patches on after getting nicked whilst being put on due to the extra inch of length.

Inner tubes are michelin latex aircomp which seem to be out of stock everywhere in the size i need :(

Tyres are open paves, very excited about trying them later as the roads here are bone rattling horrific!


  • hopper1
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    I've never known a tube be too long before... But, I have seen them inflate in an irregular shape when not in the tyre... I thought the 'baloon' bits where just caused by the way the innertube sections are joined together...
    I'd use them, but fit them with care...
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    This is normal, it's due to the construction of the tube. If the inner apears too long, deflate it slightly when fitting - you only need it to hold its shape and prevent you pinching it when fitting - avoid kinking the tube as when you fully inflate the tyre this can cause localised build-up with explosive effects which can irreperably damage the outer tyre too.
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