another noob! advice / tips please.

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hello peeps I'm new so thought it best to say hi.

I have recently really got into MTB and love it, started with the odd 8 mile ride to work on my old hack which i later swapped for my current GT I-drive comp.

upgraded from v brakes to avid Elixir RSL's 203mm front 185 rear and some new grips but other than that she's stock.

getting some 140mm bombers, 20mm axle front wheel and a GT I-drive 5 frame from a mate to tinker with soon so dunno whether to make that my off road bike and buy a decent HT for my ride to work / gravel and trail stuff.

not to Q'd up on all the techno babble but im getting there slowly.

So any pointers as in bikes etc would be a great help. I live 5 mins away from rutland cycles which is a bonus.

GT i-drive 5 (For Sale)

Looking for a Hard Tail next spring.


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    The forum is a wealth of info, try reading some of it =-)
    Why would I care about 150g of bike weight, I just ate 400g of cookies while reading this?
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    hmmm. depends what sort of money your thinking of "investing" or using for a new ride? ? ? - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
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    I'd start by saying 203mm front rotor on a hardtail is crazy big!!

    Best suggestion, just get out and ride. You'll pick up what you can and cant handle and also bits of the bike you want to improve. Once you're a bit more experienced, put your questions up on here and you'll get your answers