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Coming from a reasonably good running background, I have decided to start cycling as an alternative.
Now Sundays would always be a long run 1.5 hours to 2/2.5 hours.
What would a good club cyclist consider as a good Sunday ride on terms of speed and distance. I know we have to take wind and hills into consideration, but an average.

At the moment I'm covering about 90kms in 3/3.5 hours. This Sundays ride took me up into glossop and snakes pass, so some pretty descent hills were taken in.

Also at the moment I tend to ride alone, is getting in with a group better or not?
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  • Anonymous
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    Hi Chefshaw

    Ive started going out with a club and cover 65 miles and average 18mph ish, thats more of a leisurely ride and with a few small hills.

    I would of thought if you went out with other riders/club you would push yourself more?

  • danowat
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    My sunday long run used to be about 12-14 miles, my sunday long ride is around 50-60miles.

    As for pace, totally depends on the route and the wind, even a small hill, or slight headwind can have a big impact on avg speed.