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National RR results...??

softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
Have I missed it, or is there no coverage of yesterday's national championship RR on Bikeradar..?

I've seen the club TT results, but no report on what was probably the biggest cycling event in the UK yesterday...

Help me out someone....

(and yes, I know the results anyway, but that's not the issue..)


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    sorry if I was not clear - I was asking specifically about the 'news' section of Bikeradar. Like I said, I already know the results...
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513, the TT results are on here (meaning Bikeradar - not Cycling News), but the road race results are not. Any reason..??
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    I think I'm talking to myself it safe to assume that Bikeradar doesn't give a censored ...??
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    "discuss the website with the team"

    or not, as the case may be......

    Perhaps the name of the forum should be changed to:

    "Post a valid question here - and allow the team to patronise you and then ignore you"
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    DAY 2

    still no sign of any 'discussion'......perhaps nobody works there anymore...?
  • lfcquinlfcquin Posts: 470
    I've always found BR to be inconsistent for race results. Sometimes they post results of major races and sometimes they don't. I tend to look elsewhere for that news these days.

    Pretty poor of them not to give you an answer though....
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513

    In effect, I just wanted to know why they decided to run a collection of local/regional club time trial results on the BR news pages, but not the results of the national championship road race.

    Sadly, nobody at Bikeradar seems capable of giving me an answer to what is, after all, a pretty simple question....
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    DAY 3

    Still no word from Bikeradar - and my question remains unanswered. Given that this forum is specifically for the discussion of topics and issues related to this website, you have to assume that either:

    a) they are aware of the thread and are simply ignoring it - which given the title of the forum smacks of hypocrisy, and just a little bit of rudeness.

    b) they are not aware of the thread - which indicates they are not bothering to check messages in a forum which they presumably designed in order to respond to reader-feedback. Which also smacks of hypocrisy, and perhaps a little bit of incompetence.

    Shame really - it's a simple enough question......
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Morning softlad,

    Depleted staff numbers mixed with personal matters affecting our output meant that we did not publish the road championships results.

    For those desperate for the results there is our sister site Cyclingnews.

    I can sense that you've been upset by us not publishing the results, and for not replying to you sooner. I would like to apologise, and we will try to do better in the future.

  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    but you still managed to publish the TT round-up, Matt...??

    Could not the same 'depleted' staff member who managed to post the time trial round-up also have managed to link the championship road race report from Cycling News...??

    I'm not upset about any of this, but I am very confused by your priorities...
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