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Cube AMS Comp

phildawphildaw Posts: 49
edited June 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Hi, after many years of not MTB'ing, I decided to pull my (now fatter) finger out and get back in the saddle.

My old Gary Fisher didn't seem to cut it anymore, and reading through mags, and this forum of course, I got the urge to invest in something decent....

So, out with the old (well, stlll in the shed)


And, in with the new





Bikes have come on so much in the past 10+ years, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes. Rides way better than I ever imagined, and I am hoping it will give me the drive I need to get fitter and back to the level of skill I had back in the day.

I have Hopwas Woods (tamworth) a few mins down the road, and Cannock Chase a short drive away, so I am itching to get going... and if anyone fancies a ride out one evening, please pm me..


  • xtc_specialxtc_special Posts: 130
    Nice bike, i had it on my short list before i went with the EX8.
    Enjoy :D
    2014 Ribble Gran Fondo
    2009 Rockhopper Comp
  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,250
    Love Cube bikes :P I personally wouldn't have got such a good bike when just getting back into MTBing, but that's my opinion :)
  • phildawphildaw Posts: 49
    thanks.. :)

    I must admit I wasn't looking at getting something quite so high spec... but it came up second hand at the right price, and thought "sod it"

    Its taking a while to get used to the full suspension though, I used to enjoy bunny hopping my Gary Fisher over logs and kerbs, but the full sus doesn't seem to allow it quite as much, but maybe that is me out of shape and not the bike!
  • It is a bit harder to bunny hop a bike with suspension, as far as I can see.

    And there's nothing wrong with buying high spec early (1st mtb in 15 years (since some hi-ten steel Raleigh horror is a C'dale Flash alloy replete with Lefty. And very nice it is too...)

  • mrleemrlee Posts: 499
    loving the cube 8) . did the last owner use it at all? it looks brand new.

    welcome to the cube family
  • phildawphildaw Posts: 49
    thanks mrlee, I don't think the previous owner put many miles on it at all.. so practically new.

    Like your cube... very smart
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