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I went for my first ride on Speedplay pedals yesterday.

Maybe I should also put this in the mundane observations thread.

A friend who is already a Speedplay user has lent me his spare X Series pedals and cleats to try out as it's a very expensive experiment if you find you don't like them.

I need plenty of float for my left shoe and I can report Speedpaly provide that along with a very stable ride.

The future's round, the future's Speedplay. For me at least.


  • Had my first speedplay ride this week on club chaingang.

    The free float was frightning when I stood up while in the drops for the first time, I was all over the place. Much better the next time when I was prepared.

    Liked them a lot, liked easy access from both sides and felt really secure even with all the float.

    Expensive shopping trip though. Bought new shoes at same time, LakeCX330 4 hole cleat pattern (thought I may as well go the whole hog).When evrything arrived discovered you need stainless shim if you have carbon soles and then needed longer screws. Another 15 of your speedplay pounds sir!
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