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25 Mile Peak District Ride Next Weekend - Help Needed!

MattJohnsonMattJohnson Posts: 32
Alright guys,

I'm doing the 25 mile Evans Ride IT event in the Peaks next weekend and was looking for some advice on training and hydration / nutrition etc.

This is going to be the toughest challenge of my mtb history as its a very hilly course and the first serious ride i've ever done. I've been getting out on the bike most weekends for 15-20 ish mile rides around local cannels / paths etc and recent visits to Cannock Chase's FTD and Monkey Run.

What should i be eating before and during the ride? I've heard people say eating lots of carbs the day / night before is a good idea. Normally i have a big bowl of porridge in the mornings and a banana before the ride. I'm thinking of getting some SIS energy drink to put in my camelback.

Does anyone have any tips / advice on good sources of energy to keep me going throughout the ride?

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  • TartanyakTartanyak Posts: 2,988
    Keep with the carbs idea. I've been biking similar distances in the peaks (the dark peak mainly) and it's quite hard work sometimes up there.

    I live off cereal bars on the rides. Anything that combines a sugary lump with something stodgy. Take lots to drink. I sometimes mix energy drink 50% with water to keep me going too - especially if it's hot. You'll use a 2 litre bladder of liquid, if you're anything like me. Maybe strapping a spare bottle on the side's a good idea? :)

    Just take it easy though. Well, not easy... But don't go that silly!
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    I'd suggest you do a ride at least double to what you normally do this weekend as 25 miles in the peaks will be at least what you ride in 40 miles.

    It could be as much effort as 60 miles of your normal riding.

    You will find out more about what you need to take in food and drink and your endurance.

    As for the training it's a bit late for that, needed to be doing bigger distances for several weeks now and some interval training.
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  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    We intend to do 2 laptops of Cannock chase's Monkey Run this weekend which is a total of 30 miles and includes some challenging climbs.

    I also do spinning mid week at the gym so i think i'll be able to cope with the Peak District ride as im fairly fit.

    I'm just looking for advise on what food / drink / snacks to take before / during / after the ride to keep me (and my mates) fueled.

    2011 Focus Cayo 105 Ltd
    2009 Specialized Rockhopper Expert Disk
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