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Zion 853EBB

TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
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After a good new months of looking i've finally got singlespeed built. A big thanks to Pastey_Boy for the frame. :D

Not seen one of these before, a bit of research leads me to belive they're an American company, but doesn't look like they exist any more. Built up with the parts of my Focus (which will become a WIP at some point soon).

Took her out for her first spin today, picks up very well and looks very stealth 8) oh, and it's steel. :wink:


Frame: Zion 853 EBB
Forks: Rockshox Recon with remote lockout
Bars: Concept SL
Stem: FSA
Headset: Sunline V3
Grips: Superstar
Bar Ends: N/A

Front Brake Lever assy: Shimano M485
Front Caliper: Shimano M485
Front disc: Shimano 160mm Centrelock
Rear Brake Lever assy: Shimano M485
Rear Caliper: Shimano M485
Rear Disc: 160mm Centrelock
Hoses: Shimano

Shifters: N/A
Cables: N/A
Front Mech: N/A
Rear Mech: N/A
Chain Device: Eccentric Bottom Bracket

Seat: Charge Spoon
Seat Post: Fire eye
Seat Post Clamp: Brand X

Cranks: Shimano LX
Chainring(s): Shimano LX
Chain: Sram
Cassette: Fire eye 16t
Pedals: Gusset Slim Jims
Bottom Bracket: Shimano LX

Front Wheel:
Rim: Mavic Crossride
Spokes: Mavic Bladed
Hub: Mavic Cross Ride
Tube: Continental
Tire: Racing Ralph

Back Wheel:
Rim: Mavic Crossride
Spokes: MAvid Bladed
Hub: Mavic Crossride
Tube: Continental
Tire: Racing Ralph
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