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Stealth On One Carbon 456

cccccc Posts: 193
edited June 2010 in Your mountain bikes
After my 09 Commencal Meta 5 decided to give up the ghost 4 weeks ago I decided to grab one of these as a replacement while I wait for the Commencal/Madison warranty saga.

After getting back from it's maiden voyage about half an hour ago I have to say it is probably the most fun I've had on a bike in years. It's so quick and responsive and the acceleration is awesome (I'm an unfit [email protected] so that's saying something).

It's not built up with the lightest components, and didn't feel that light when I first picked it up, but once in the saddle it's hugely noticeable how light it is. I'll break out the scales in a minute and post up the build weight.

I can't recommend this bike enough, it really is that much fun and I still haven't stopped grinning :D

Anyway, here it is:




spec is:

Rock Shox Revelation 426 Dual Air U-turn
On One smoothie mixer headset
FSA K-force XC riser bar w/ODI Yeti lock on grips
Thomson 70mm stem and seat post w/ Hope seat clamp
Charge Spoon saddle
Hope Tech M4 w/braided hoses and 203 front and 180 rear floating rotor (soon to be 180 front and 160 rear)
SLX Chainset, front/rear mech and shifters
E13 Turbocharger with Blackspire stinger
Mavic 717's on XT hubs with XT skewers
Kenda Nevegal 2.35 F 2.1 R
Time Roc Atac/Superstar Nano tech flat pedals

Eyes on the prize.


  • cccccc Posts: 193
    haha cheers mate :D
    Eyes on the prize.
  • alexj2233alexj2233 Posts: 381
    That is a sweet bike!! :P

    Those frames are beautiful, and a bit of a bargain. Would love one. :)
  • DufferDuffer Posts: 379
    people keep saying the carbon 456 frame looks fugly, but i think it looks bloody ace. Needs a black saddle though :D
  • cccccc Posts: 193
    Duffer wrote:
    people keep saying the carbon 456 frame looks fugly, but i think it looks bloody ace. Needs a black saddle though :D

    Yeah, I was thinking that. The brown looked a lot better on my Commencal. Think I may have an excuse to put that CRC 10% code to good use after all :lol:

    I guess it's personal preference about the frame, but I've always liked the look of it since I first saw the pics of the prototype floating around.
    Eyes on the prize.
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    ccc, welcome to the club! :wink:

    Your build looks amazing mate, very nice! Glad I'm not the only one thats enjoying the switch back to a Hardtail!

    Agreed with the weight thing too, I rode my brothers Spesh FSR xc pro to work yesterday, took the same route on my Carbon 456 this morning, and got to work about 5-6 minutes quicker (it's only usually a 15 minute journey!) Such a snappy, quick machine!

    I love the looks too.. but then I would, I bought one :D
  • cccccc Posts: 193
    Cheers Stav :D

    I weighed mine this morning and it comes in at 24.6 lbs. Still, I was blown away by how quick it was compared to my full susser. I ended up riding twice as fast as I normally do and knackering myself out halfway through my local loop..

    I'm heading out tonight for a 25 miler so I'll be able to compare it a bit better.
    Eyes on the prize.
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    Nice! Thats what I like about this bike, for the kind of riding it's capable of, it's so light! I think mine is somewhere bewteen 23 and 24lbs, but thats with a lot of other carbon bits on there, with more to come! (I only have crappy bathroom scales, so can't give an exact weight).

    Enjoy your evening ride, I think I'll be doing the same today or tomorrow, I need some outdoor pics!! :)
  • cccccc Posts: 193
    Yeah a 23 lbs build should be easily achievable even without too many stupidly expensive bits and pieces.

    I'm going to lose the Nevegals and stick some small block 8's or Geax Saguaro back on for the Summer once the trails have properly dried up round here.

    The change of rotors should shave off a few G's as well.
    Eyes on the prize.
  • kopite1979kopite1979 Posts: 443
    not great pics to be fair, get the sun behind you.
    from what i could see... i like!
    It`s changed a bit since...
    2010 Zesty 314
  • Any better pic of the finish on the frame? particularly the downtube?
  • smegurmumsmegurmum Posts: 181
    i would have to say, i like the brown saddle. Also is the frame a matt top weave or does it have the whole chris cross thing going on?
    Genesis Altitude
    BMC Team Machine
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    bigbenj_08 wrote:
    Any better pic of the finish on the frame? particularly the downtube?

    Benj, check my thread on it, theres some close images there mate (pg2) :)

    @smeg - it's a matt-esque finish.

    ccc, sorry to hijack! Hows yours coming on? I'll be out on mine the whole weekend, can't wait! Should be able to get some decent outdoor pics :)
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