2010 giant trance x 4 problems

cloudy 0674
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hi recently got myself a 2010 trance x 4. the bike seemed to be great for the first few weeks with runouts at glentress, but the last week ive noticed when im riding and i tilt the bike to the right when sprinting there is a metalic clicking noise of about 6 or 7 clicks followed by the tire rubbing on the front fork untill i straighten up. it also clicks if riding slow and i turn the hadle bars right to left and a couple of times
ive checked the spokes are tight and the wheel is true which is all good its very annoying and i cant figure out whats causing it. the bike is only 12 weeks old and only had 7 outings at glentress. so im baffled any ideas please let me know cheers

p.s also noted there is a small click feeling through the pedals when i pedal got the bearing be away already.....confused .com


  • GHill
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    First bit of advice would be to take it to the place you bought it to get them to look at it.

    Sounds like a hub problem to me.