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Craig321Craig321 Posts: 169
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I've been using a normal back pack to take water/puncture repair kit etc. but find it makes my back hot & sweaty as it's not made for cycling at all.

I've been looking at the Deuter Race EXP 12 and the Deuter Race EXP Air.

I assume the EXP 12 is a 12+2 because it includes a 2 litre hydration system?

What would you guys recommend? I'm looking in that price range, so £50.



  • Deputy DawgDeputy Dawg Posts: 428
    If you can find a Dakine nomad in a sale it might be right up your street.

    Personally I either use a Dakine apex or a Karrimor airspace 25 depending on how much I'm carrying.

    For keeping the back dry, the airspace is by far the best I've tried yet. It doesn't come with a bladder but it will take one.

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  • hoochylalahoochylala Posts: 987
    I would assume you are correct on the 12 litres storage capacity with 2 litres water storage capacity. I have no expirience of the above bag, but there are loads at that price range.

    If you can stretch your budget a bit then the Camelbak Mule NV at Merlin Cycles is at a good price on offer at the moment. (£62 down from £85 RRP) The pack is 11.5 litres storage capacity with 3 litres water bladder.

    I have used an older model since I started riding a few years ago and it has been faultless. It has a good airflow system on the back of the pack that aids cooling - they call it Next Generation Ventilated Integrated System :roll: but it does do the job! ... -2010.html


    Available in other colours than white! :)
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    Let the bike take the strain :-)

    Get a bag mounted on the handlebars, that's what I use on my mtb. Or a saddlebag that fits under your seat, you can get a fairly big one for very little if you shop around on ebay. I got a really nice one for 7 quid that I use on my road bike.

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  • underdogunderdog Posts: 292
    I am amazed (and jealous :lol: ) people spend this kind of money on a back pack. For fathers day I got a 20 litre pack with a compartment for a 3 litre bladder, £20 from sports direct, looks nice, does everything all the others do but without the name. I also have the Tesco one for when I don't need the storage space, £12 (inc 1.5 L bladder)
  • masterdoohmasterdooh Posts: 109
    I think the Idea is spend a little more and get a bag to last a lifetime. My last bag was a Jansport and that lasted me 10years +

    Slightly off topic anyone know if the Dakine Apex could take a Laptop maybe in the bladder compartment.
  • underdogunderdog Posts: 292
    masterdooh wrote:
    I think the Idea is spend a little more and get a bag to last a lifetime. My last bag was a Jansport and that lasted me 10years +

    Slightly off topic anyone know if the Dakine Apex could take a Laptop maybe in the bladder compartment.

    But a name isn't going to make that happen is it? I am willing to bet camelbak etc are made probably in the same factory as a lot of no brand ones.

    Anyway, like I said probably part jealousy on my part :lol:
  • Joe_PineapplesJoe_Pineapples Posts: 1,718
    +1 for the Dakine Nomad, its a top piece of kit.
    Moulded back with air channels do their best to stop you sweating too much, good size pockets for your kit, 3 litre bladder and a great system for carrying your lid, full face or otherwise.
  • I'm using a deuter race-x 18, which accepts upto a 3l camelbak (though deuter's own hydration pack is a 2l one).

    I'm very prone to getting too warm but this is great, it's made almost entirely of tough mesh on the back, straps and hip belt, which means it doesn't cause it to trap heat.

    Mine was £30 at CRC which I feel was good value for money.
  • DhartDhart Posts: 35
    Another +1 for the dakine nomad. Great compartments/organizer and 3litre bladder. You
    can pack it right up and you wont notice it on your back.

    It's slightly bigger than the mule, 18litre capacity. I'd look into a drafter or session if u want something smaller..(and slightly cheaper).
  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    I bought a Tesco pack for £9. No need to spend stupid amounts of money as the gains are not worth it. I have a camelback mule for when I need a bit more storage and it isn't much better tbh.
  • Delta5Delta5 Posts: 264
    There probably isn't much difference in quality between the good makes like Dakine, Camelbak, Vaude and Deuter. It really comes down to just finding a bag (from whichever manufacturer) that has the capacity and features you want. I like the Deuter bags, and the Dakine Nomad would have been a second choice. TBH I didn't fancy the Vaude or Camelbak bags much - just down to personal prefs really.

    The Race 12+3 is a nice backpack - I considered that but decided on more capacity so ended up with a Deuter SuperBike 18 Exp. I've been riding mtb with it 2-3 times a week for the last two months and it's so comfortable I forget it's there. The Deuter 'air-stipes' work pretty well to keep my back cool. The 'aircomfort' on the Race will probably do the same trick but I haven't used that myself.

    The +3 refers to extra bag capacity - by unzipping a fold / crease that runs around the edge the whole bag volume increases by that much. I don't think it's related to the size of the hydration bladder pocket at all.
    FWIW the Deuter Streamer bladder is great - it's available in 1, 2 and 3 litre sizes (the 2L measures 15" x 7" and the 3L is 17" x 8").
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