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Wearwell race bike: model ; "martino" information

rastusrastus Posts: 5
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I have acquired a WEARWELL road bike model MARTINO
The bike is grey and red.
I have looked and found lots on the WEARWELL factory in Wolverhampton but cannot find anything on the model, although I can tell you all you need to know about 'al martino, the singer' (good old google).
Does anyone know anything about the model ?
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  • laelae Posts: 555
    Have you tried RetroBike forums? A couple of photos wouldn't hurt either, and the frame number if you have it.
  • rastusrastus Posts: 5
    Ok thanks for that I have the pics just need to upload them and will look for a frame number.
    "take anything but leave my bike"
  • Hello, just down the road in Bridgo. I cannot, I regret tell you much other than the bike was made in Alveley not Wolves. The headstock transfer should say this. I have just such a frame but no fittings. If you bike is complete can you tell me what componentry it has please. Cheers Rod
  • rastusrastus Posts: 5
    ]Hi thanks for the reply. I will have a look at the details I know the brake system is Weinman. I have now rebuilt it and use it on a daily basis, I have had to replace the original gear system but have kept everything in case it can be repaired. The transfers are all on it but no transfer on the headstock just a metal plate that says WEARWELL England. and white writing MARTINO. I cannot find any model numbers or numbers of any type. The bike is very light, lighter than my Specialized which is a little annoying. I was lucky to have the complete bike and have hunted around to replace everything simular to the original down to the same colour brake cable covers and handlebar tape, which are red. I will note everything down and take some pictures.
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  • Nick thanks for the reply. I look forward to some more information. I wonder if your bike might have been made in Wolves before the final throw in Alveley. I shall see if I can get any information from the VCC on these things. I will also try to organise a photo or two of my frame. Cheers Rod
  • rastusrastus Posts: 5
    Hi Ron
    I have a little information for you
    The model is MARTINO and It has a Hetel gear system and Weinmann brakes type 730.
    The seat is a Selle Royal and the wheel size is 27x1 1/4 . The depth from seat post to crank is 58cm. The originail rims had the machined edge to aid braking, I am not sure of their make I will have another look but they were badly coroded. I will see what else is written on the seat post etc. I cannot find any numbers on it, does yours have a model number ?
    If you send me your email address I will forword before and after pictures.
    Sorry to be taking so long but I use the bike everyday and snatch moments to look for numbers etc. my email address is [email protected]
    "take anything but leave my bike"
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