Energy drinks in hydration pack like Camelbak?

xCatch22x Posts: 36
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Most of the hydration packs seem to suggest that you stay clear of anything other than water. I would ideally like use some home brewed energy drink but was wondering what effect these have, if any, on the latex? bladder?

Anyone have any thoughts?



  • NDawn
    NDawn Posts: 238
    I use energy drink in my camelbak, didn't realise they reccommend only water, oops. So far no issues. I doubt there are any issues really, although I do clean it and soak it with sterilising liquid from Boots after each use.
  • supersonic
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    I think most people use some flavouring or sugars, but they can quickly go mouldy if left.

    When clean, put in the freezer as keeps critters at bay.
  • timpop
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    I use an energy/carb mix in my camel back. As said above, make sure you clean it well each time. Often a good rinse and scrub works (I have a tube brush) and every now and then I use Milton solution. Then it goes the freezer, sometimes. Your drink mix is fine in the water bladder it's just the mold that can be a problem if left.
    Many happy trails!