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can't adjust these damn gears...

fat fignon fanfat fignon fan Posts: 44
edited June 2010 in Workshop
Hi all.
I'm having a problem with a tiagra rear mech. On and off i've been cycling for about 20 years so I have a fair idea how to adjust gears.
I just can't get these to work spot on with the mech adjuster.
The hi/low adjustments appear ok as does the B tension screw. It doesn't matter how many small turns I make on the barrel adjuster, I can't get all the gears to shift properly.
Is there anything i'm missing? and is there anything it could be?


Full Tiagra gruppo btw


  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    could be a bent mech hanger not letting the derailer sit parallel to the chain and sprockets.does it look inline. the cable tension may need altering at the cable clamp if there isnt enough adjustment on the barrel. im assuming the shifter speed matches the number of sprockets and have the correct speed chain.
  • I'll look at the frame, the bike is only about 2 months old so i guess it's all the right kit, i've had no crashes so could it be a bent hanger on a new bike?
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