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Stupid question about pannier racks

jteightyjteighty Posts: 120
edited June 2010 in Workshop

I am trying to decide which pannier racks i need for my bike. I've got a boardman road comp and I'm not sure what to do. I was planning on buying the tubus QR adapter and then buy a regular rack, but I realised that I may not have any seat stays (I think that's a problem). I was thinking of a seat mounted rack eg by topeak, but they can only carry 7kg and you need to use their bags.

I'm now thinking of the bikehut beam rack as it can carry 10kg and use any bag. The problem is it's weight: ... yId_236256

Is this the best option?

I'm not very clear on the way racks are attached so I am sorry if I haven't made much sense.

Thanks for reading through my spiel.

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